Always by your side with the strength of an embrace

We are Angelini Industries, pleased to meet you again.

That's right, we already know each other, thanks to our products. Tachipirina, Lines, Moment, Pampers, as well as Tantum Verde, Ace, Amuchina. And then the excellence of Bertani wines and our perfumes. Not forgetting Fameccanica's robotics and industrial automation.

What you may not know is that behind each of these brands is one big reality: Angelini Industries. So much more than a group of companies. We are a world of ideas and products that works and grows to take care of you. Every day, with the strength of an embrace.

We take care of people and families in everyday life.

Angelini Industries - Industry of Care

The communication campaign

The key players speak

  • Our new identity

    A new brand identity for a new chapter in our history.

    The project for the new visual identity and our new brand, Angelini Industries, is the result of the values and purpose that inspire our daily mission: unwavering care for people and families in their daily life, with an eye towards the future and the making of a better world. More and more, at Angelini Industries we want to be 'for' everyone: for all those who benefit from our work, ideas, and approach, across our myriad sectors, in all the various fields that our company explores, in all the products and solutions we create.

    Hence the need for a new brand identity which is able to materialize the strength of a group of different companies with an inclusive, dynamic and evolving DNA: one that builds and grows; that welcomes and protects; that is recognizable in its unity of purpose and action. This is a leap ahead, to bring our future to the present.

  • Angelini Industries - Logo


    The overall shape of the symbol is formed by the letter ‘A’ for Angelini, merged with an open-ended circle. The circular shape, together with the straight lines of the letter ‘A’, gives life to a dynamic new symbol, where the bottom lines form a sort of parentheses, an embrace – Angelini’s embrace, consistently open, inclusive and inviting.

  • Visual language

    Besides the brandmark, the visual language is what ensures the consistency of brand communication in every situation. When designing it, we wanted to take up and develop the graphic and semantic gesture of the bracket-style embrace in the logo to place even greater emphasis on the values of Angelini Industries.

Our Industries

A family of companies that puts the emphasis on people.

  • Angelini Pharma
    Angelini Pharma

    It researches, develops and markets health solutions in over 70 countries in the brain health, rare diseases and consumer healthcare.

  • Angelini Consumer
    Angelini Consumer

    Products and services for the well-being of the family from infancy to mature age also through partnerships with P&G (Fater) and Hero Group (MadreNatura).

  • Angelini Wines and Estates
    Angelini Wines and Estates

    It produces and sells fine wines with a respect for tradition and the land.

  • Angelini Technologies
    Angelini Pharma

    Technologies, products and services to improve industrial processes and production.

  • Angelini Beauty
    Angelini Beauty

    Selective perfumery and dermocosmetics (skincare & suncare), both through license agreements and with owned brands.

Scopri Angelini Industries

Lines, Ace and Pampers brands are managed by Fater, a joint venture between Angelini Industries and Procter & Gamble